We provide lots of free video clips.  The Bunkai Strategies Newsletter has introduced principles of application for a few years now, and in 2014 the free video footage amounted to over 4 hours worth.

Some people want shorter clips, with just the bare bones.  That's what the Bunkai Strategies free clips are.
Others want more information and more detail.  Always happy to oblige, we created the Bunkai Gold series.  
In each installment we present a principle, and use an example of a move from a kata to demonstrate how that principle makes our Karate more effective.  Practical kata applications shared, which you can then examine every move that you know and see if the principle can be applied there.  With this level of information you never run out of things to practice, research, examine, and/or teach.
In Bunkai Gold we are producing 50 video clips across the year, each of 5 minutes or more, a minimum of 250 minutes of tuition per year (in 2017 subscribers had over 8 hours worth of footage for this year alone)  expanding upon the information in the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter only available to members.  

Bunkai Gold 2016 is available there in the sidebar.  Released as 8 DVDs, 150 worth.  Subscribers, of course, received the downloads.  There are links to the 2016 collection as downloads in the sidebar for $160.===>
All the video footage is copyright  2015-2018 John Burke and must not be shared without permission.
Bunkai Gold is for Subscribers Only.  
Membership is only 8 per month.  Essentially, you are sponsoring our work.  Prices in US$ are in the side-bar over there: ====>
Monthly Subscription 8

or Annual Subscription 75
Here's an example:
2015 week 1 Bunkai Strategies free clip:
Bunkai Gold version:  This one is on Youtube.  For this year's crop you need to subscribe.  This video and the rest of the set are sent to you as links for you to Download and keep, making a great reference library of information.
If that sort of thing is worth 1 per week to you, then please subscribe above!!!
As always, the best way to train is to do so in person, but for those of us who can't get together every week, these ideas serve to refresh and incite us to further practice.
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USA Prices
If you prefer to pay using prices in US Dollars, the following is available as a rough equivalent:
Monthly Subscription $10
Annual Subscription $101

The exact exchange rate on any given day might make it beneficial to use these or the s in the main box there, you have the option.

Bunkai Gold 2015 
produced hours of footage.
Part 1, Jan-June (over 3 hours) is available here at $75:
Part 2, July-December (3 hours) is available here at $75:

Bunkai Gold 2016

amounted to 8 hours of footage.
Part 1, weeks 1-25 is available here at $80


Part 2, weeks 26-50 is available here at $80

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