The 2022 Bunkai TV videos
Our main site is That's where you can find our range of Karate Kata Bunkai DVDs, Books, and Downloads.
On this page we share the video clips about practical applications to moves from Karate kata. They are a taster of what is on the DVDs. Over the years we have featured our core concepts for Kata bunkai, examples of various moves, and answered viewers' questions.  These videos accompany the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter which is a free subscription from our site.

The videos from 2022 are to be found here:
Each week we have the free clip here, and the expanded and enhanced version is emailed to Bunkai Gold subscribers as a download for them to keep.

Here's the whole 2022 Playlist, with additions 50 times this year...

Here's the Webinar hosted by Russell Stutley on Youtube, in case you were unable to join us live:

and here's the interview for BujinTV:

Here's the playlist from the rest of the year 2022 so far:

Here are some cool books:



You can see our free clips on our Youtube channel
and stay in touch on Facebook Bunkai Strategies Group

If you would like to Download and keep our video clips for your collection (and possible portable viewing), then we have the following available:
Bunkai Strategies 2012 (Complete - 34 video clips) $10
Bunkai Strategies 2013 week 1- 50 just $29.95 for 4 hours of footage

Bunkai Strategies 2014 week 1-50 just $50 for over 4 hours of footage about core principles.

Bunkai Bootcamp 2013 Rough Cut (3 hours 27 minutes of tuition from 4 days of teaching principle after principle) $125

B.A.M.A. Seminar 2013 (weekend course tuition by Neil Ellison 5th dan sensei, John Burke 5th dan sensei, & Martyn Harris 5th dan sensei - Xing Yi, bunkai, and Kempo principles in action) $29.95

Heian Bunkai Workshop Roughcut video footage from 18th January 2014 available now at $29.95

Pressure Points in Kata Bunkai 1 hour video download now available at $24.95

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